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Calcium Chloride

Appearance :white flakes and powder and prills,
Package : 25kg pp bag and 1000kg jumbo bag
Specification :74%flakes,77%flakes, 94% powder, 94% prills

Specification 74%/77% Calcium chloride flakes 94%Calcium chloride powder 94% Calcium chloride prills
Main content(CaCl2)% 74%min 94%min 94% min
NaCl:% 5.0%max 5.0% max 4% max
MgCl2% 0.5%max 0.5%max 0.5% max
Water insoluble substance 0.15%max 0.25%max 0.20%max
Alkalinity% 0.20%max -- --
Ca(OH)2)% -- 0.25%max --
CaSO4% -- 0.05% max --
Sulphate% -- -- 0.05% max
Heavy metals -- -- 10ppm max
Particle size -- -- 1-3mm

Application :it is mainly used as snow melting and deicing on roads,highways,parking lots and docks.
Also used as the multipurpose desiccant


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